I am standing for election to the Variety, Circus and Entertainers Committee.

Nothing stays the same. Change isn’t always best, but sometimes it’s needed. Variety in the workplace and within Equity is going through changes that have to happen. Experience is necessary to represent members who need a strong voice. As Branch Chair and Branch Treasurer for 18 years, and being voted by the branch as their Conference rep 15 times, I feel that the experience I have gained from these roles puts me in a very unique and strong position within the union. I have a very good relationship with the staff at Guild House and this can only benefit the members that I would be representing.

I am well-versed in managing the use of hybrid technology, which was used in the former branch structure during the lockdown. I should say that the Variety branch that I helped in running was one of the most successful in the union, so I do understand fully the anger and despair felt by a lot of my fellow Variety members, but I am now a member of a branch of like-minded people from both Variety and General branches that are determined to make these changes work: we have to… not just for ourselves but for us collectively.

For the last 26 years, I have been in a duo with my wife Mary Lane, most of you will know her as a hard-working Variety councillor.

Performing in a duo the length and breadth of the UK and abroad, we have seen and heard of a lot of the difficulties facing members. If I were elected, I could use this vast expanse of knowledge to help even more members.

I have in the past done quite a lot of walk-on work, including Casualty and Eastenders. I have worked with many “well-knowns” but have never been worried about saying something if I ever saw or heard of any injustices towards our members. I am very proud to say that I have lost work because I stood up for my fellow members. I would do it again without hesitation if needed.

As a member of the newly formed Bristol and West of England Branch, I am not willing to let the great work done by the Variety and General branches go to waste. I wish to continue contributing in a different capacity as a committee member, and I hope you will trust and vote for me to do that.

Thank you

Cliff Evans