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To Order the plans below, go to Sarik Hobbies website and search for the plan by name or plan number

Laser kits are available from Lasr Cut Sailplanes

Watch the many videos of these gliders on YouTube

Wassmer Super Javelot
A Scale-1:3.25 (4.6mspan) model of this popular French glider with an option for electric self-launch

Slingsby Eagle
An early Slingsby 2 seater at 1:4 scale = span 4.4m using the well proven HQ35 wing section

Scheibe Spatz I
Drawn to a scale of 1:3.5 giving a span of 3.8 meters and using the popular HQ35 section

Electric Duster
This is a 2.6m electric version of the Duster sailplane giving lots of fun and small enough to throw into the boot of your car

Schleicher K 11
This lovely little known motor glider is designed specially for electric flight at 1:4 scale (3.21m span)

Schleicher K 11
Chris has now provided a plan of 1:3 scale (4.28m span) for electric flight

RRG Rhönadler 35
This beautiful 5m model of the famous Hans Jacobs designed glider is finally available to modellers
Fournier RF5b
A 1:4 scale 4.3m Electric glider adds to Chris Williams growing collection of powered touring gliders

Slingsby Petrel
1:3.5 scale 4.95m wingspan of this, possibly the most gorgeous, sailplane Slingsby ever made

Watch the videos :-

  1. On the slope
  2. Petrel & Minimoa

Hutter H-17

How to buy the Petrel plan

Documentation for the Petrel
is on this site

Download these magazine build notes in pdf format

Check out this detailed build thread

Download this update which now details the two versions of the PetrelPLAN


Scheibe - Loaravia
SF-27 Topaze

A 4.3 m span model of this French licensed built SF-27

Electric BJ-1 Duster

A small semi-scale 2.18m electric fun flyer

Grunau Baby Mu 13E Bergfalke 1
An entry level model of this popular glider, this time at 1:6 scale with a portable 2.6m wingspan

DFS Reiher II
Mu 13E Bergfalke 1
A model of this popular series of gliders produced by Scheibe at 1:4 scale with a portable 4.2m wingspan.
One of the versions of Scheibes popular tandem seat gliders modelled at 1:4 scale and wingspan of 4m

Watch the video

Bergfalke- IV
Scheibes final high performance version of the Bergfalke modelled at 1:4 scale with a wingspan of 4.4m

Watch the video

DFS Habicht
1/4 scale 3.4m wingspan model of the glider which helped to train German fighter pilots
HW-4 Flamingo
A 5 meter model of this unusual Gull Wing glider from South America, using the well proven HQ 35 wing section.

Kaiser Ka6E
1:3.5 and 1:4 scale plans of this ultimate German soarer. What more is there to be said on this wonder of the air fron 1936

Watch the video

Slingsby T-26 Kite 2a
Chris has expanded his Slingsby range with the addition od the Type 26 kite designed at 1:3.5 scale giving a spam of 4.7 meters

Kaiser Ka-7 Schweizer SGS 2-32
An unusual trans Atlantic adventure for Chris on this classic American 3 seater at 1:4 scale and 4.3m span

Watch the video

Lo 100

Check out this Build Thread by Chris on RCGroups

Slingsby Sylark 4
Two plans are available for this sleek model. 1:3.5 @ 5.2m and 1:4 @ 4.5m

Watch the video

Kaiser Ka-8

Slingsby T21
Two plans are available for the popular Cadet training glider with open cockpit .1:3.5 @4.7m and 1:4 scale @ 4.1m span

Slingsby T31b
1:3 scale 4.4m span model of the two seat tandem trainer seat used by the RAF.

Watch the video :-

ASK-13 Slingsby T46
30% scale 5.49m span replica of the two seater glider based on the popular T-21 with enclosed cockpit
Slingsby T51 Dart
A sleek model of this end of an era product, predating the advent of the modern all glass sailplane. Modelled at 1:3.5 scale / 4.9m .

A build thread for a 1:3 version from this plan can be found here