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This section is intended as a guide to show you just what can be built.
Greater detail of actual model building can be found in the Building Reviews.

Model Wingspan Builder
Stakenhovets 3 m Vic Steel
Gheppio 4 m Vic Steel
Fauvel AV-48 4 m Vic Steel
Mu 13 Bergefalke-II 4 m Chris Williams
Slingsby T-40, Skylark 4 5.2m & 4.5m Chris Williams
Slingsby T-13, Petrel (Plan) 4.95 m Steve Fraquet
Slingsby T-13, Petrel (Kit) 4.95 m Steve Mitchell
Schweizer 2-32 4.3 m Chris Williams
Avia 40P 3.1 m Steve Fraquet
PWS Orlik ll (1939) 7.5 m John Greenfield
Rhonbussard 3.59 m Ray Jones
Slingsby T-13, Petrel (Kit) 4.95 m Darren Maple
Berlin HFS Helios 3.9 m Steve Fraquet
Darmstadt D-28 Windspiel 4 m Steve Fraquet
Dittmar Condor IV 5.14 m Chris Williams