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The Wonderful Wizard of Auz


an elegant two seat 1960's glider from Australia

Designed by Douglas Lyon


The Zephyrus was born from the plans for a single seat glider in the 1940's, but due to the sudden requirement for a two seat trainer, the plans were to be modified to a two seater and this revision was started in in 1951. During the coming years, the build was to be significantly delayed due to a lesser need for the two seat glider and it was not until December of 1966 that the Zephyrus was finally given its' airworthyness certificate.

The fuselage is of welded steel tube construction with fabric covering whilst the wing is a design worthy of an artist and has proven to be effective in allowing 300+km distance flights to be recorded. An unusual feature is that the rear cockpit is accessed through a hinged door on the starboard side.

The glider is still airworthy today, based at the Beaufort Gliding Club at Melbourne and is shortly to be removed from service for a re-cover.



Span 17.5m
Area 21.88m2
Aspect ratio 13.5
Airfoil N.A.C.A. 4415
Empty weight 433kg
Payload 184kg
Gross weight 617kg
Wing loading 28.17kg/m2
L/D max. 25 @ 93kph
Vne 193kph / 104kts

Below I have included several articles of good reading about the glider and many detail photos for modellers, all supplied by Peter Champness and Christoper Thorpe of the Beaufort Club

Pages from Sailplane & Glider Volume 21 No. 2 Feb 1953-2
Australian Gliding, January 1966
Zephyrus Wing Tests
Certicate of Airworthiness Certicate of Registration

A selection on photos can be viewed by clicking the image below

Finally, below are constructional detail drawings from the designer ( the Wizard of Auz) Doug Lyon