Tony Woods - Titan 2

This one is powered by a 3W55US which gives vertical performance and is a delight to fly for towing or sport flying and makes an ideal first Tug.

Plans from:
Steve Vine, 56 St Michaels Ave, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 4LG
Tel 01935 429188

John Greenfield - Super Greenley

This is a very simple to build model with the fuz made from 0.8mm ply with 3mm ply doublers at the front and 10mm sq balsa longerons and cross pieces at the rear. the tails surfaces are all soft 1/2" sheet balsa and the wings are foam.
The model is very stable but with high control throws is quite aerobatic. The big fat wing gives superb slow flight ability and with the addition of flaps can be landed at walking pace. Fitted with a Zenoah 62 and a minipipe this model will happily tow vintage or glass models up to 20kg

Wingspan 88"

Plans available from
John Greenfield
Little Acre
WD25 8NR
Tel 01923 857009 after 7.30pm

Price £12 + 1.45 p&p

Weight 7.5kg
Motor 60 to 80cc

Foam wings available from most of the wing cutters who advertise in the model mags

The SDD Greenley is an enlargement of this very successful Super Greenley and specially designed for 100cc motors to tow the biggest gliders. It has a built up 100" wing which breaks into 2 pieces for easy transport.

Free download plans for both models are available from the "Tug Plans" section of this website.

Stuart Mackay - Let Z-37 Cmelak

Fitted with a Mackay 250cc 5 cylinder Radial Engine turning a 35 inch prop, AUW 25kg

Wingspan 3.58 m (12ft)

The plane and engine are available from Stuart Mackay Models. Full details of this kit are available on his website

Motor 90 - 215cc

Stuart Mackay - Robin

Here is my Robin, 2.8m span which has visited the inaugural TVSA and Sandhays events.
All moulded powered by Mackay 90 Twin, 26/10 Menz 3 Blade, KS mufflers, weighs 35 lb. Usually seen with a wayward Blanik chasing it around the sky..

The plane and engine are available from Stuart Mackay Models.

Stuart Mackay - Wilga 1:5 scale

All moulded 1/5 scale 90 inch span, 20 lbs fitted with Mackay 30-45 cc and available from Stuart Mackay Models.

Dave Emmitt - Telemaster

Telemaster 95" span all built up construction. Available from Hobby Lobby. Powered by Super Tigre 2000 25cc Fueled by Model Technics Big Brute.
Just Engines Purple Pipe fitted. Well worth it for the extra gain in power.
Prop 18x6 wood. AUW. under 7Kgm
Largest models towed to date CW. Minimoa, Pat Teakle ASW 20. Top Rippin Fox. MPX ASH 26. MPX Alpina. Flair ASK 8.
Super stable in the air but doesn't like cross wind on ground.

Dave Hoare - Wilga 1:4 scale

This is the 1/4 scale version of the ubuiquitos Frisch Wilga. Now in its tenth year is capable of towing up most of the gliders which visit our aerotows. It spans almost 3 metres and weighs in at 35lbs so it has stability and with its long gangly legs is unmistakeable in the air. Powered by a DA 100, for noise and general towing a 28 by 10 prop seems best. Futaba is the radio link and an Emcotec dual rx/ servo interface is the onboard equipment. Electricity comes from three batteries; two 2.7amp for the Emcotec and one 2.5amp driving the ignition. Krumscheid silencers keep the noise very low.
The model is not the easeist to build build, Alex Frisch leaves a good deal of the construction to the individual builder, but the quality is excellent. Decals were supplied by Tony Wood and the model is loosely based on a Polish glider tug-what else!.