The American RCSD on-line Magazine is the number one Internet resource for monthly information on all soaring related matters. It accurately reflects the current soaring scene in the States through its' informative articles and all related subjects.

During its' time, RCSD has also provided many detailed photos of interesting scale projects and I have been given permission to store these images on our site for easy reference for the scale modeller. So, if you want a good read, visit the RCSD website where you can download the monthly magazine or trawl through their back issues.

Click the images below to access the scale pdf files extracted from the RCSD pages

Schweizer 1-26C
extract of June 05
Schweizer TG-7A
extract of Sep. 05
Dittmar Condor IV
extract of Oct. 05
SZD-24-4A Foka4
extract of Dec. 05
Schleicher Ka-8
extract of March 06
Schweizer 2-22
extract of Nov. 06
Schleicher Ka2b
extract of Jan.07
PZL Krosno Puchatek
extract of Feb. 07

Stan Hall's Cherokee II
extract of Oct. 07

Schweizer SGS 1-21
extract of Nov. 07
   Morelli M-200
extract of March 08
Morelli M-100S
extract of Dec.08
The Olympia 
extract of May 09
Slingsby Gull
extract of Nov 09
Hutter 17 
extract of March '10
C.v.v.2 Asiago
extract of April '10
Cherokee II rebuild
extract of June '10
Grunau Baby IIb
extract of Jan '14
Slingsby T3Ib
extract of March '14
Standard Austria
extract of Nov '14
extract of Dec '14
extract of Dec '14
Schweizer TG-2
extract of Jan '15