Hi there all, well as you can see from the photos attached my BIG Schweizer 1-26D that I have been scratch building for the last 18 months was finally flown and certified on Sunday the 13th of March 2005 at 6 pm off the point at Camperdown in Melbourne Australia.

After launch the model was found to be exceedingly docile in handling without any tendancy to tip stall and despite the knees knocking a 20 minute first flight was had with a safe and controlled landing back on the point at Camperdown.

The final all up weight for the model is 45lb for 25.5 square feet of wing area 4.88 meters in span 2.5 meters long and uses an eppler 374 to 13% thick.

I would like to specially thank the Schweizer aircraft corperation for there help with technical questions regarding the real 1-26 and the knowedgeable friends who have given advice and assistance and support with this project.

kind regards Ross Bathie