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Four interesting old articles from magazines of yester-year
The Quiet Way To The Sky - Picture Post 1949
A Gliding Bedtime Story
A Review of Compufoil rib plotting program
Landings you can walk away from....
Balsa Facts
Scale Glider Pilots
Flying on the Right - or how to mix wine and flying safely
The Power Box - gives you power where you need it
Use of the Rudder in Thermal Flying
From Razorplane to Sailplane - Learn the basics of building from scratch in this comprehensive article by Chris Williams
Understanding Servo technology
Snow Towing of gliders - a short note from Chris Garrod
Tales of an ageing glider pilot - No 1 - A different glider
Tales of an ageing glider pilot - No 2 - it's a steal
Tales of an ageing glider pilot - No 3 - an evening at the races
1927 - The Beginning of Aerotowing
Gunau Baby Days - a story of early flying in Canada
What's Washout? Watch out!
Ageing of Glues on old Gliders
Fabric covering information for full scale aircraft with applications suitable for models
The wstech classic sound voice vario - An alternative to the popular Picolario
The DFS expedition to South America - by Peter Riedel
Spinning - an in depth look at this age old problem
The White Sheet Poem - glider guiders can also be poets
A trip to the GPS Cup in Spain
Primary Glider article from QFI Magazine 1997